BOGO redefined.

    Move over Buy One Get One, it's Buy One Give One season now! For every Happy Mail or audio Hype Note purchased, we send one to someone in need, drawn from a master list of nominations curated via Instagram and our website.

    Anybody can nominate at any time, no purchase required!

    Have someone deserving in mind? Nominate them here.

    Vetoing #goodvibesonly.

    That special smile isn't rooted in toxic positivity. It doesn't come from 'You'll get over it!' 'Just be positive!' or the 'It could be worse!'

    Instead, it comes from knowing that it's okay to feel it, and having someone support you while you do, whether it's through Hype Notes and Happy Mail or just an ear to listen. We're all for being happy and optimistic, but toxic positivity has the tendency to minimize and invalidate the authentic human experience — the experience that is a real and valuable part of our individual journeys. 

    We have agency, we just need the support.

    Self-efficacy is an individual's belief in their agency, in their respective ability to meet challenges and exert control over their lives. As humans, we're blessed with the intelligence and the capacity to control our actions and determine the course of our lives to a significant extent.

    Our individual sense of self-efficacy varies based on four different factors:

    • Mastery experiences (succeeding at new tasks);
    • Emotional and physiological states (maintaining good mental and physical health);
    • Verbal persuasion (obtaining support and encouragement); and,
    • Vicarious experiences (having real-life examples of individuals that have overcome similar struggles).

    At That Smile Co., we exist to provide the support and encouragement we all need when we're going through the hard stuff. We know it's difficult, but we also believe in you, and we're here for your journey.

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