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A Little Something Extra Cards, 3-Pack [Canada only]

A Little Something Extra


  • 3 x Cards — 'You're amazing' 'Here for you.' 'Pause. Breathe.' — (2.5" x 3 ⅜"), each card fits perfectly in the card slot of your wallet
  • 3 x Envelopes — (2.5" x 3 ⅜"), with printed instructions: 
    "This card isn't meant to be opened today. It was carefully designed to be kept in your wallet for a day in the future when you're in need of some added words of encouragement. You know, those days when you just need a little something extra."
  • 3 stamps, so you can send your cards Canada-wide! [Canada only.] 

About the brand:

A Little Something Extra takes the old concept of a greeting card and gives it new meaning, allowing you to be there in the moments your friendship is needed most. A Little Something Extra is a small, blank card to fill with words of love, support, and friendship, and share with your loved ones to save for life’s challenging moments. Reinforce that human connection and have your warm, encouraging presence felt — right when they need you.

There's something incredibly romantic and exciting about receiving a card when you can just feel the love in the words.

Liz L.

A moment that made me smile was when I received a card that I wasn't expecting from my son. He has lived overseas for a number of years and we don't get to see each other often. I felt so appreciated and connected to him in that moment.

Helen F.

I received A Little Something Extra card late last year. When I finally opened it up I felt so grateful to have a friend that took the time to write something so sweet. It was so needed and really turned my day around.

Olivia G

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